Chinese exports bearings for $ 1.8 billion in the first half of 2012

China bearing export

Despite a new round of financial crisis and austerity worldwide, bearings from China continue to maintain popularity with consumers, as evidenced by a rather impressive amount of exports of Chinese bearing products.

China bearing export

The volume of exports of Chinese bearings on 10 major markets in the world in the first half 2012

According to published last week, the state statistics, from January to July 2012 export of bearings from China totaled 2.581 billion bearing a total of $ 1.867 billion, up 4.1% and 4.8%, respectively, higher than in the first half of 2011

The average cost of one of the exported products increased by 9.4% to $ 0.72. At the same time in July exports totaled 366 million units bearing products or $ 267 million

The major markets for Chinese bearings in 2012, continued to be the U.S., India and Germany. In the first half of exports to these countries is:

a)      U.S. – $ 290 million (13.5% more than in the first half of 2011);

b)       India – $ 149 million (up 9.5%);

c)       Germany – $ 123 million (4.3% more than last year).

As of July 1, on 10 core markets of importing countries had 58.7% of total exports of Chinese bearings or $ 1.096 billion addition to the U.S., India and Germany, the Chinese bearings actively purchased by consumers from Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong (Special Economic Zone of China) , Italy, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates and Singapore.

source: prompk