Aetna Bearing Company Enters a Strategic Partnership with Elgeti Engineering

ILLINOIS, Dec. 16, 2016 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Aetna Bearing Company, headquartered in Franklin Park, Illinois, entered a strategic partnership with Elgeti Engineering GmbH to be their dedicated bearing and system testing solution provider. Aetna Bearing, founded in 1916, looks to continue advancing their Engineering and Support capabilities to meet the needs of a demanding customer base. With Elgeti Engineering’s unparalleled knowledge and expertise in bearing testing and validation, Aetna Bearing looks to deliver on its commitment of advanced engineering and innovation. Aetna Bearing is a leading manufacturer of Thrust Bearings, Belt and Sprocket Idlers, Clutch Release Bearings, and Custom Bearings and Bearing Assemblies.





Elgeti Engineering GmbH is a world-class bearing and gear box engineering solution provider offering bearing and system testing, advanced failure analysis, and condition monitoring. “This partnership is the perfect marriage of resources between two companies with complementary attributes. As we continue to expand our product portfolio and level of engineering support to our customers, we look at Elgeti Engineering as a critical support arm to delivering on our commitment,” said Kal Beidas, Aetna Bearing Company President.

Hagen Elgeti, owner and Managing Director of Elgeti Engineering, founded the company in 2009 in Aachen, Germany. With a strong academia and research background in bearings and gear boxes, Mr. Elgeti has built a team of test engineers and bearing experts to support demanding applications ranging from the agriculture to the aerospace industry.

“After recently establishing our subsidiary in Valparaiso, Indiana, the Partnership with Aetna Bearing will allow us to showcase our capability and increase our exposure in North America. We offer a unique set of services to bearing and gear manufacturers that provides them with the confidence to propose their solutions in high-demand, critical applications. With Aetna Bearing’s strong commitment to engineering innovation and unparalleled service and support, we believe this partnership will strongly complement its breadth of solutions.” said Hagen Elgeti.

About Aetna Bearing Company
Aetna Bearing Company was founded on July 11, 1916, in Chicago, Illinois. Aetna quickly built a reputation for manufacturing the highest quality Thrust Bearings, Belt and Sprocket Idlers, and Clutch Release Bearings. The company was privately owned until March of 1937, when its common stock was first listed on the Midwest Stock Exchange. With numerous patents under its belt, Aetna has never been a company that was satisfied with just resting on its laurels. Much like its customers have a deep passion and a need to propel their businesses forward, this same goal is what drives every decision Aetna Bearing makes to this day. Aetna proudly serves the Agriculture, Mineral Exploration, Automotive, Off-Highway, Manufacturing, Pumps and Compressors, Material Handling, and Defense industries.

About Elgeti Engineering GmbH
Elgeti Engineering GmbH was founded on November 3, 2009, in Aachen, Germany as an engineering service provider focused on bearing and gearbox testing, failure analysis, condition monitoring, material inspection, supplier development, and supplier evaluation. Elgeti Engineering conducts extensive bearing endurance testing and evaluation, for which it designs and manufactures the test rigs in-house.

As an independent service provider, Elgeti Engineering uses a broad portfolio of state-of-the-art engineering methods and is involved in several research projects to stay ahead of the technological curve. This includes an active membership in German Research Association for Drives and Power Transmission Engineering (FVA).

Elgeti Engineering supports global customers from various industries, including but not limited to automotive, railway, agricultural, mining, and wind energy.

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